Custom Prime Maple (Personal Engraving)

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Product descripton

Our adult pro maple bats are built to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to process your custom bat order.

What is that black dot of ink on the handle?

In 2009 the MLB established a new requirement that all bat manufacturers must place an ink dot on the handle of wood bats to verify that the slope of wood grains is less than 3 degrees.  This forces MLB players to use ink dot tested bats which are the highest quality and most durable.


What are the different bat models offered?


Model 271

Barrel Diameter: Large 2.48”
Handle Thickness: Thin 0.92”

Knob: Tapered 1.98”

The 271 model is the most popular in baseball.  It’s a well-balanced bat, great for all types of hitters.

If you’re new to using wood, this is the model for you.


Model 243

Barrel Diameter: Large 2.56″
Handle Thickness: Thin 0.92″

Knob: Traditional

The 243 model has a thin handle and a large barrel for an end loaded/top heavy feel.  This model is ideal for stronger power hitters.

Not recommended for hitters new to using wood.


Model 110

Barrel Diameter: Large 2.5”
Handle Thickness: Thick 0.96”

Knob: Traditional

The 110 model is the most balanced of the standard models, with a thick handle and large barrel.

This model is another great option for players new to wood.


Model 331

Barrel Diameter: Medium 2.48”

Handle Thickness: Medium 0.94”

Knob: Flare Knob

The 331 model is similar to the 271 but has a large flare knob.